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UX-UI Design

Experiencing the love, screen by screen.

At MAD Reality, we spend time thinking about how target audiences and prospects become customers. Today, that conversion route is lined with social media platforms, mobile devices and interface upon interface. Your customer’s touch points are now “perpetually integrated” with the world under the cloud. MAD Reality learns as much as possible about the people you’re trying to reach, crafts UX-UI designs that immerse your audience in your values, on their terms. And we keep it simple, through elegant design, for anyone who wants to connect with you.

Our UX / UI Design Services

Mobile App Design

The user interface design and creative execution of your mobile or tablet application

Web App Design

The user interface design and creative execution of your web-based application.


The design and development of application prototypes for proof of concept.

User Testing

The testing of mobile or web application with real users to test form and function.

Are you looking for UX / UI support?

Let’s talk about your UX / UI Design needs! If you are looking to launch a new app for mobile, you have come to the right place. We love to chat with you to see how we can help. Fill out the form below and let’s have a chat. Doesn’t matter where you are, we can connect online and if you are in the Vernon or Kelowna area, we’ll buy you a coffee! Bonus!